Fundraiser for BDB!!

Greeting siblings!!

Hi my name is Desmond Abrams and I’m with the organization Brothers Doing Better (BDB). And we are raising funds this fall and we need your help!

BDB is a group formed with the explicit intent of healing black brown and indigenous (BBI) male -identified people by first understanding the role sexism/misogyny trans antagonism and homophobia has played in harming everyone in our community men included.  At BDB we believe that for male-identified people of color to be full participants in the struggle for freedom we must face each other with rigorous love and accountability.  

We want to expand these hard conversations beyond our collective. We want to engage more male-identified people of color. We want to expose more of us to womanism, modern day abolitionist praxis, intersectionality, and other topics of discussion that have exposed so many of us within this collective to a new way of moving throughout our lives. We believe one way of doing this is through a radio show where we can have some of these same hard and often uncomfortable conversations out in the open. 

We’re asking that you donate what you can to get us toward our $8,400 goal no matter who or where you are in the world. And if you’re in Buffalo NY, our organization’s birthplace on September 20th please join us at Pilgrims ST. Luke at 335 Richmond Ave. There will be speakers, food, music, and a silent auction. 

If you would like to donate remotely or before the 20th party simply go to and you can contribute financially to us through Allied Media Project. 

All donations to Brothers Doing Better are processed through the organization’s fiscal sponsor Allied Media Projects. Your gift to Brothers Doing Better through  Allied Media Projects is tax-deductible.  You can also go to our fundraiser page on Facebook between now and the 21st of September by clicking this link :

Thank you for your support.

In Buffalo NY on Sept. 20th

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