BDB General Body Meeting Agenda

Nov. 20th 2019 Agenda

(names, pronouns, one-word mood check ins)
Breathing, “vibing”, eating and getting comfortable


  1. Follow up and report back from Nov.5th and 7th presentation on Buffalo State Campus
  2. Mental Health First Aid training report back
  3. Report back from Nov. 12th group call on the possible formation of a mental health peer group within BDB or a “hub” of NYS certified mental health peers through NYCPS
  4. The need for us to create this hub in BBIPOC space. What is our intention?
  5. What task need to be completed to achieve this?
  6. Follow up discussion from October’s general body meeting on updating the “Undoing Patriarchy” syllabus or curating a new one for 2020.
  7. The creation of progressive Black digital content for Black History Month
  8. What is happening with BDB radio? How can we create more uncensored progressive black content and more frequently

Closing comments
Assignment of roles, tasks, and commitments

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