BDB Counter Narrative Ep. One

Marielle Smith and Charis Rebecca from Black Love Resist in the Rust join Michael, Andy and Desmond from BDB’s Counter Narrative Podcast for a spirited conversation on harm and accountability.

How do we hold our people accountable for abusive behaviors, inflicted trauma, and harmful cycles of exploitation? While also grappling with the fact that our current carceral system is built on anti-black racism and inhumanity. Where is there room for restorative justice, healing, and the humanity of all parties involved?

These are the questions we as prison abolitionist ask ourselves and others frequently when we envision a new world without jails, police, and courts. This conversation is part of both BLRR’s and BDB’s political education and embodied leadership mission. We invite you to listen and learn (or unlearn) along side of us.

BDB Counter Narrative is a podcast to create and disseminate a counter narrative to the mainstream discourse. Our narrative is pro black, pro worker, gender affirming, and anti imperialist.

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